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About Me

My name is Fiona, I'm 42 and live in SW London with my fiancé and two young children. Life is hectic, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Before going on Maternity Leave in 2018, I'd spent 20 years working in the fashion industry - personal styling for clients, organising and hosting fashion shows, working with High Street brands training their staff, cleansing over-stuffed wardrobes and as a fashion buyer choosing £5,000 Gucci evening gowns for clients in Milan! It all began in 1998 when I was nineteen...

My Approach

Since launching Style Struck in 2006, I've styled and worked with hundreds of clients from all over the world. Before booking an appointment, I encourage potential clients to call me for a chat over the phone or via Skype/Zoom to discuss their requirements and to get to know me and what I offer. Hiring a stylist is an investment in you - in both time and money so you want to make sure the person you are employing is the right one for the job. Shopping budgets range from a couple of hundred to many thousands of pounds however, my approach is always the same - no non-sense honesty and lots of laughter!

My core principles:

LISTEN to my clients to understand what they want to achieve, keeping in mind lifestyle and budget

REALISE clients full potential, building confidence in shopping, outfit building 

INSPIRE clients to develop their personal style and take more fashion "risks" buying items with more personality

INTRODUCE new brands to clients and encourage them to have more fun with everyday dressing

ENCOURAGE clients to embrace flaws and enhance assets, accepting what can and cannot be changed

LEARN from my clients - to grow in my own journey as a stylist 



As well as the work I have done for private individuals, I have also worked with many large companies offering a range of different services. From arranging styling workshops, hosting fashion shows and engaging in in-house employee styling and training. I've given talks, hosted corporate events and worked as a "super sales" assistant to boost sales for brands at key functions. 
Until early 2018, when I went on maternity leave I was also the Personal Shopping Manager at Bicester Village in Oxfordshire where I worked for 10 years as a consultant. 
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