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Wardrobe Editing

Virtual Wardrobe Editing is available during COVID

STREAMLINE a clients wardrobe making it clear what items should be kept, thrown away, go to charity or be cleaned and/or repaired

IDENTIFY gaps in a clients wardrobe - looking at pieces that need to be bought to add life to old items or new items required to build outfits

CONSIDER past purchases - successful items and why others have never been worn.  Discussing the balance of favourite items for everyday against fun more "special" pieces which are often kept for occasions instead of being worn more regularly


A SIMPLIFIED WARDROBE containing items that fit and compliment body-shape and colouring, making it easier to put outfits together

RENEWED confidence in wardrobe, looking forward to re-discovering items  again and a clearer mind after having a de-clutter!

CLARITY of which items need to be replaced - including a shopping list of pieces to add depth to existing wardrobe, fill gaps and add more interesting items

Your Wardrobe Edit can be arranged in person or via Skype/Zoom. 

Before our session together we will have an initial telephone conversation or Skype/Zoom call so I understand what you'd like to achieve and plan the next steps. We will also  discuss your answers to the detailed questionnaire I will have sent you.

During the "Edit" we will talk through your existing wardrobe, examining past purchases, shapes, colours etc. We identify gaps - basics, fun items and "trophy pieces" which could be added. Building blocks will be discussed to add depth in your wardrobe and aid outfit building. 

I will organise your wardrobe by season, colour and style depending on what works in your particular space.

Prices from £150.

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