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My Approach

Over the past 22 years I have worked with hundreds clients from all over the world. I've helped them buy the perfect pair of skinny jeans, "cleansed" their wardrobes, held their hands when buying their first "investment purchase" handbag, helped new mums get their body confidence back... and been part of the incredible journey of finding clients their dream wedding gown. It's a very personal and individual experience for each one.

My job is to enable them to realise their fashion potential, showing them how to achieve or regain style confidence and dress specifically for their individual shape and colouring, considering personality, lifestyle and budget. Personal shopping is about selecting the right pieces for each individual - investment purchases to everyday essentials from the High Street to Harrods! Building self confidence and finding personal style can also be key for some clients - enabling them to see themselves more clearly style wise and understand what to buy and avoid when navigating stores in person or online. 

Really, my main aim is to make shopping a fun and rewarding experience for all - whilst keeping in mind my core principles:

LISTEN to my clients to understand what they want to achieve, keeping in mind lifestyle and budget, identifying key items considering individual body-shape and colouring

ENCOURAGE clients to embrace flaws and enhance assets, accepting what can and cannot be changed. Looking at the positives and learning to be kind to ourselves is the first step


INSPIRE clients to develop their personal style and take more fashion "risks"injecting more fun items to add personality - finding their own personal style


REALISE clients full potential, building confidence in shopping, outfit building and encouraging more fun in everyday dressing

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