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Be Your Own Stylist

Launching Autumn


ENCOURAGE clients to look at their personal style and shopping in a different way. Learning the basics of styling and how to dress for your body-shape and colouring

CHALLENGE clients to look at themselves in a different way, considering the psychology of shopping and why we buy the things we do

EXPLORE options to discover your personal style. Experiment with different styles without pre-conceived ideas to expand on the styles you would consider buying in the future.


UNDERSTAND your shopping habits and the psychology behind your purchases, enabling you to make more considered purchases in the future

FEEL INSPIRED to develop your personal style and take more fashion "risks" - learning how to add colour, accessories and fun pieces

FEEL INVIGORATED with a clear sense of personal style and confidence to develop your own "signature" look

Exploring many aspects including how our shopping choices can be a reflection our current mood and personality... to understanding why some people are seemingly effortlessly "stylish" and why others struggle their whole lives to discover their signature style

During these "unusual" times we are currently living through, I felt that it would be useful for clients to have access to a tool to really help them learn about themselves style wise - exploring personal style and how to navigate the often overwhelming world of online shopping. Times are changing but people are still struggling with what to wear, how to feel good and how to embrace and make the most their figures. We're thinking about sustainability and the amount clothes we buy more and more, so if we are buying less, let's make sure the purchases we do make are more wearable and long lasting!

More details to follow...

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